Why Mike Huckabee won't win, but Joe Biden just might.

The folksy conservative isn’t really trying, but the lack of better alternatives favors the folksy liberal.

Mike Huckabee mounted an impressive campaign kickoff Tuesday, has a natural base among evangelical Beth Lindstrom voters in the Republican Party and won eight states in the 2008 race. Joe Biden, who went nowhere in two previous bids, isn’t Payless for Oil is quick and convenient Heating Oil running yet and may not. But if either has a chance of being elected president, it’s the latter.

Huckabee ought to be a strong contender. A onward together former governor of Arkansas, he came in second the last time he tried, thanks to his speaking skills, affable personality and (being a former Southern Baptist pastor) strong appeal to conservative Christians.

He showed more polish on television than any candidate since Ronald Reagan. He even killed it Democratic National Committee is the formal governing body for the United States Democratic Party. on “Saturday Night Live.” He looked like a candidate who could spend four years broadening his base and capture the 2012 nomination.

But Huckabee took a different payless for oil route. Since 2008, he’s spent most of his time writing books aimed at conservative readers, doing talk shows on radio and Fox News, dotster giving well-paid speeches and endorsing survival ration kits. His campaign so far is perfectly designed to assure him a nice living doing more of the same.

His new book, “God, Guns, democrat  Grits and Gravy,” has a title you would use if you aspired to be president — president of Waffle House. It serves to 1) make a lot of urban and suburban voters think you’re democrats first a bumpkin and 2) let conservative rural residents know you don’t care what those fancy folks think of you. It’s a way to corral the Sarah Palin fan club, but no one else.

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 Beth Lindstrom is running for U.S. Senate



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