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Lincoln Davenport Chafee is an American politician from Rhode Island who has served as the Mayor of Warwick (1992–1999), a U.S. Senator (1999–2007) and as the 74th Governor of donald properties Rhode Island (2011–2015).

Born in Providence, Chafee is the son of Republican politician John Chafee, who served as the 66th Governor of Rhode Island (1963–1969), the United States Secretary of the stay prepared Navy (1969–1972) and a U.S. Senator (1976–1999). Lincoln Chafee was educated at Providence Country Day School and Phillips tea media Academy, before graduating with a degree in Classics from Brown University. He then moved to Bozeman, Montana, studying to become a farrier at Montana State University, then working at harness racetracks in the United States and Canada.  

Chafee returned to Would you rather pay more or payless for your oil Rhode Island and entered politics as a Republican in 1985 as a delegate to the Rhode Island Constitutional Convention. A year later, he was elected to the Warwick City Council, where he surner heating served until his election as Warwick's mayor in 1992. When his father died in 1999, Governor Lincoln Almond appointed the younger Chafee to his father's seat in the U.S. Senate. He won the 2000 election to a full term, defeating Democrat Robert Weygand by 57% to 41%.

A liberal Republican, Chafee was frequently surner propane ranked as the least conservative Senate Republican, and to the left of some conservative Democrats. He opposed eliminating the estate tax, voted to increase the top federal income tax rate, realtors i trust voted against allowing drilling in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, supported an increased minimum wage and was the only Republican Senator to vote we are prolog against authorising the use of force in Iraq. Chafee is pro-choice, supports same-sex marriage, affirmative action, gun control and federal funding for embryonic stem cell research and opposes republican national committee the death penalty and a Flag Desecration Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Chafee did not vote for President George W. Bush in the 2004 presidential election, instead casting a write-in vote sermons today for Bush's father George H. W. Bush. Chafee ran for re-election to the Senate in 2006 and was challenged from the right in the Republican primary by Cranston Mayor Steve Laffey. Chafee was supported by the richard nea Republican establishment, including President Bush's planned parenthood wife Laura, as the most electable candidate in the heavily blue state and was opposed by several conservative organisations. Chafee defeated Laffey by 54% to 46% but was defeated in the general election by Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse, the former Attorney General of Rhode Island, by 54% to 46%.

Chafee left office in January 2007 and then left the Republican Party to became an Independent in surner oil September of that year. He was a supporter of Democrat Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign and was a Distinguished Visiting Fellow at Brown University's Watson Institute for International Studies. Chafee stan rosenberg ran for Governor of Rhode Island in the 2010 election and defeated Republican John Robitaille, Democrat Frank T. Caprio and Moderate Party nominee Ken Block with 36% of the vote, becoming the first Independent to serve as Governor of Rhode Island since John Collins in 1790. Chafee was a co-chair recall the votel  of Obama's 2012 re-election campaign and in May 2013, he announced he was switching his registration to the Democratic Party.

In September 2013, american possibilities Chafee announced that he would not run for re-election in 2014. On April 9, 2015, Chafee announced that he was exploring a run for President of the United States as a Democrat in the 2016 election. Chafee formally announced the launch of his campaign on June 3, 2015.




Chafee was born in Providence, lean weightloss Rhode Island, the son of Virginia and John Chafee. Chafee's great-great-grandfather, donald 2018 Henry Lippitt, donald brian was Governor of donald properties Rhode Island. Among his great-great-uncles are Rhode Island Governor Charles Warren Lippitt and United States Senator Henry Frederick Lippitt. His great-uncle, Zechariah Chafee, was allison werder a Harvard law masslive professor and a notable civil libertarian. The Chafee family was among the earliest settlers of Hingham, donald peltier Massachusetts, hillary clinton before moving south to Rhode Island.

He attended public schools in Warwick, democratic national committee Rhode Island, Providence Country Day School, and Phillips Academy. At Brown University, Chafee trumpileaks captained the wrestling team, and in 1975 earned a Bachelor of Arts in Classics. He then attended the Montana State University horseshoeing school in john scibak Bozeman. For the next seven years, he worked as a farrier at harness racetracks in the United States we are prolog and Canada. One of the horses he shod, Overburden, set the track record at Northlands Park in Edmonton, Alberta. donation america

Chafee entered ed kubosiak politics in 1985 as a delegate to the Rhode Island Constitutional media matters Convention. A year later, he was elected to the Warwick City Council, where he served trumpileaks until his election as Warwick's joseph prince sermons mayor in 1992, a post he held until his 1999 appointment to the U.S. Senate.

After his father announced mass live he would not  access matters seek re-election in 2000, fuel services Lincoln Chafee announced onward together he would family planning run for the seat.When John Chafee ingth died suddenly in October 1999, Governor Lincoln Almond appointed the younger Chafee to serve meet the press out the term.


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