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DNC Chair Tom Perez Suggests Christians Are Stupid

Tom Perez has a problem with Christians. He thinks they are stupid.

Speaking on December 6 at a liberal gathering in Washington, D.C., Perez appeared unhinged as he delivered a whining speech over the inability of Democrats to get their message across. He identified three obstacles: "Fox News, their NRA newsletter, and the pulpit on Sunday."

Perez then unloaded on the clergy and the faithful, making a veiled stab at President Trump. "That person on the pulpit is saying, 'Ignore everything else that this person has done and is doing. We have to focus on one issue of Roe v. Wade.' And people buy it because that's their only source."

This man is from some other universe. When I go to church on Sundays, I rarely hear a priest mention abortion, except in passing. More important, we Christians are not stupid people who take our political cues from any one source. We actually read and think for ourselves. That we regard the fate of unborn children to be a paramount issue is true. We only wonder why others don't agree. What is more important than the right to live?

This is not the first time that Perez's passion for abortion has sent him off the rails. Last year he said, "Every Democrat, like every American, should support a woman's right to make her own choices about her body and her health. That is not negotiable and should not change city by city or state by state."

Perez's statement was too much for Democratic commentator Mark Shields. After quoting the remark I just cited, Shields said, "The Democratic Party, which is a pro-choice party, would now become the 'no choice' party."

In 2002, Shields blasted the DNC for providing a link on its website to Catholics for a Free Choice, an anti-Catholic front group. I followed through by taking out a New York Times op-ed page ad on September 16, 2003, titled, "Why Are The Democrats Insulting Catholics?"

The DNC is in trouble, and so is the Democratic Party. This demeaning comment by Perez suggesting that Christians are stupid is not going to sit well with millions of Americans. One thing is for sure we will repeat what he said over and over and over again.

Bill Donohue is President and CEO of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, the nation's largest Catholic civil rights organization. He was awarded his Ph.D. in sociology from New York University and is the author of seven books and many articles.

DNC's Perez Joins Activists Hoping to Pack Supreme

Perez delivered remarks to group plotting response to Kavanaugh confirmation

Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez delivered remarks during a Demand Justice event where liberal activists pushed radical proposals such as packing the Supreme Court with additional justices if Democrats regain power.

Demand Justice, a group run by former Hillary Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon that took a leading role in the fight against Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation, hosted a Wednesday night discussion on solutions to fix a "court in crisis" now that Donald Trump has gotten two justices confirmed in his first two years in office.

Fallon introduced Perez with a speech on how proposals to "meaningfully reform the Supreme Court" need to be part of the Democratic presidential primary discussion.

"We must look at ideas like expanding the number of justices on the Court, to ensure that a future Democratic president might have the chance to fill two or more seats," Fallon said. "Some sort of reform must be part of the 2020 discussion, and we're hoping to start that discussion today."

Perez did not specifically argue for the proposal to pack the court or other recommendations such as impeaching Kavanaugh or installing term limits for justices, but he did characterize the "reform proposals" that were being offered during the event as "practical suggestions."

"What I'm not going to do tonight, because there's a panel of remarkable experts to do it, is get into the critical minutia of what we do from here," Perez said to the crowd of liberal activists.

"I'm confident you'll come away from here with a blueprint of practical suggestions," Perez added. "I've been in many foxholes with all of you, and I'll get in a foxhole with you all any day of the week."

The first panel following remarks from Perez featured Todd Tucker, who just last month released a report calling for "adding justices to the bench through Court expansion." He has been a longtime advocate for court packing, arguing in June that it would be the best response to the "conservative majority's support of Trumpism."

The second and final panel of the event featured two vocal advocates for court packing, liberal activists Elie Mystal and Sean McElwee.

Both offered impassioned arguments for court packing during the event.

McElwee, also a leading advocate for abolishing ICE, had written before the event started that he was excited to make the case for court packing alongside Perez.

"I'll be in DC with the actual chair of the DNC making the case for Court expansion," he wrote.

Perez and the DNC have not made any public statements for or against packing the Court if Democrats are able to gain power in 2020. The DNC did not respond to a request for comment on whether it views court packing as a winning issue for the party this election cycle.

Fallon also did not respond to an inquiry into whether he had discussed court packing with Perez.

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